Cheech and Chong's Cannabis Company is focused on providing global access to the plant. To accomplish this, we've created separate product lines based on unique terpene profiles, to ensure each product line provides a consistent and familiar experience across the globe. With the brand awareness and consumer loyalty for and capable of making a real impact in local markets.


To help our consumers share a similar experience around the globe, we've shifted our attention away from THC levels, to focus on the natural Terpenes. Simply put, our global partners are selected for their expertise and passion for the plant. This will take time, but we're prepared for the long haul! Plus, we believe there is so much more to the plant than higher THC levels. 


The Legends themselves have carefully curated six Product Lines filled with your favorite categories, such as flower eighths and prerolls. Our product lines offer unique terpene profiles, giving our consumers a familiar experience, no matter where they buy our products. This allows the underlying strains amongst our farmers to be unique to each local market, while instilling a familiar characteristic across the states (for now) the different areas we enter will always strive for the terpene profiles to be consistent for you and all your Bowl Mates!


Remember, we cherish the Plant's genetics, so please don't confuse our product lines with the strain names. Think of our Product Lines like genres, you may like them all, you may only like a few. Either way, Cheech and Chong's Cannabis is right for everyone!