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For 50+ years, Cheech & Chong have dedicated their lives to change the perception of cannabis giving rise to legalization! One goal has always persisted, provide everyone with access to the plant..


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OUR mission

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Cheech and Chong believe that quality operations, production and customer service are the pillars to any business's success.



Through carefully designed operational protocols, the Company has gained significant market share in the highly competitive California arena. Through strategic marketing and social media campaigns, the team has made an unprecedented resurgence in Cannabis pop culture over the last 24 months. When coupled with the well-established 50+ years worth of Intellectual Property, Cheech and Chong are set to create a new type of cannabis experience for its global consumer base!


By utilizing the world-renowned Cheech & Chong brand, the Company founded in 2020, is perfectly poised to capitalize on the rapidly growing cannabis, cbd & hemp markets to deliver high testing, but low-cost experience throughout the Planet! 


Customer Service

By combing the operational expertise with the expansive categories in our untapped cannabis parallel, the cannabis industry finally has the right vehicle to deliver the experience the industry has been asking for!