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Provide Access to the Plant for our Bowlmates around the globe. Simple as that, man.

Cultivator, distributor, store-front or delivery company? You too can join our mission to provide access. By joining forces, we can provide superior products at an affordable price to all those who seek it. 


 Click here to ensure your customers have the latest products from the iconic duo & not some knock-off. Order today, before your region is fulfilled. 


Cheech & Chong take their licensing very seriously, only qualified licensed entities are selected to bear the duo's names. Apply today for your chance to work directly with the Legends.


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LOVE MACHINE: Just like Cheech & Chong’s trusty rust bucket and the debatable 3rd lead to Up in Smoke’s dynamic duo, the Love Machine line stands for: good times, good vibes, & damn good herb.

Products: Flower & Prerolls   Terpene Profile: Myrcene & Ocimene

Traditional Profile: Sativa-Dominant

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11 Flourish 2C.png

AHHBERRY: There's refreshing, and then there's Ahhberry. This blast of berries to the face is full of surprises and always packs a delightful punch. 

Products: Flower & Prerolls   Terpene Profile: Linalool & Terpinolene

Traditional Profile: Sativa-Leaning

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11 Flourish 2C.png

STADANKOHHH: You know that one joint you smoked outdoors and some how ended up smellin... well, like Cheech & Chong mixed with a wild skunk?With its iconic and undeniable dankness, the StaDankOhh line is as relentless as it's Up in Smoke name sake, Sgt. Stedanko, and as loud and pungent as Tommy’s “man purse.”

Products: Flower & Prerolls   Terpene Profile: Limonene & Humulene

Traditional Profile: Hybrid

23 B-Yesca 1.png
11 Flourish 2C.png

YESCA: If you’re going to name a line of cannabis products after an upholstery van made entirely of green goodness, then it better be good. Luckily Cheech & Tommy took their time with putting this one together. Citrus fruits, cracked black pepper, and a whole supporting cast of flavor magically blend together to surprise even the smokiest of smoker pallets.

Products: Flower & Prerolls   Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene & Limonene

Traditional Profile: Hybrid

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11 Flourish 2C.png

DROOLER: No nonsense here man, the name says it all. This line provides a euphoric, deeply relaxing, and oh so tasty experience. All you have to do is find a comfy seat, tokeup, and enjoy the drooler (just don’t forget a napkin.)

Products: Flower & Prerolls   Terpene Profile: Terpinolene & Myrcene

Traditional Profile: Indica-Dominant

22 B-Lowr 2.png
11 Flourish 2C.png

LOWRIDER: Slow down your day, turn up the music, and ride easy with this one man. With that classic, rich, West Coast toke that Cheech & Chong helped immortalize, the Low Rider is for the authentic and the original.

Products: Flower & Prerolls   Terpene Profile: Pinene & Humulene

Traditional Profile: Indica-Dominant

11 Flourish 2C.png

COSMIC: Legend says that the first time someone concentrated THC Cheech & Chong were the first to try it. True or not, the Legends know concentrates and this product line is the integalactic roundtrip through the cosmos. Strap in and enjoy the ride man!

Products: Sugar, Badder, Diamonds, Sauce & Disposable Carts

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